4 GB web space
150 GB bandwidth per month
10 accounts
Unlimited POP emails
Unlimited sub domains
cPanel account
PHP scripting and 20 mySQL databases
Web usage statistics
Password protected directories
eCommerce scripts
WHM management account
cPanel theme management
$25.00 /month
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cPanel logo Fullsize cPanel and WHM Screenshot
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7 GB
7 GB web space, 180 GB bandwidth per month, 40 accounts accounts If you want to make a profit by reselling your hosting, check out what we have to offer resellers.
$30.00 /month
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Main features
4 GB web space Massive amount of space giving you the capability of storing literally millions of photos, web pages and a number large downloads or videos.
150 GB bandwidth This monthly allowance of data-transfer should cover all your hosting requirements. Your websites will be able to handle millions of hits in their stride. If this still isn't enough, simply ask us for more or upgrade to Reseller status for more bandwidth and more privileges.
10 accounts accounts We allow you to host multiple sets of domain names and accounts, you may divide up your hosting package over up to 10 different websites. Multiple account management is a breeze with the WHM control panel. In addition we allow unlimited domain name holdings, domain redirections and sub domains.

Unlimited POP emails Unlike many other hosts, we do not limit your emails! You can have as many POP emails (arrive in your mail client or viewable as webmail), forwarding email (redirect to an existing email address) and auto-responders (respond when you're away).
Mail Servers Have your very own POP and SMTP mail server addresses to personalise and secure your email responses. Automated or manual account setups are no problem and there are no mailbox size limits to worry about. If you wish, you can even manage your own MX records through the WHM control panel.
Webmail You can choose from three different webmail services accessed by adding "/webmail" on your domain URL. Very convenient if someone decided to send a massive email attachment and you want to have a choice on downloading.

More features
cPanel This is where you manage your account, everything you want to with your account can be done here.
WHM Your Web Host Manager account will give your the power to add your own hosting accounts in one place. There a number of advanced hosting features available that make you the boss of all you survey. If you want to resell your accounts, check out our reseller hosting .
Unlimited sub domains Again, we do not limit your sub domain accounts. You can setup for your love of rock music and to boast about your movie collection. There are no limits, so you can add sub domains for everything!
PHP scripting Let the server create dynamic web pages using your PHP code. You can choose from a wide range of pre-installed PHP scripts such as PHP-Nuke and PhpWiki.
20 mySQL databases Store your forum, news and site membership data with a mySQL database. Twenty of these should be adequate for even large gaming networks, so you should be ok with this allocation.
Web usage statistics See everything about your site visitors with the graphical site statistics from Webalizer. Discover where people go, what people type in search engines and where they live. Its all here.
Custom error pages Lots of bad links or visitors that guess URLs? Just create your own error pages to keep them under control and direct them to you you think they should go.
Password protected directories Secure your files and pages against the general public by requiring a username and password to access the restricted areas. This features proves useful if you want a member's area on your website or want to restrict bandwidth usage to just your friends.
Chat and bulletin board scripts Bring your website to life with its own community. With these scripts you can converse with other who share your interests or offer support for your products. Invision Board and phpBB bulletin boards give potential to any website by encouraging people to return on a regular basis.
eCommerce scripts We offer two free ecommerce packages with all our hosting services: osCommerce and Agora Shopping Cart. You'll find these scripts easy to setup, so you'll have your online store ready in no time.
...and more In addition to the features listed here, all accounts come with domain parking, multiple domain hosting, FTP management, online file management, account backup, SSH access (by request), page redirection, Cron jobs, MIME type controls, Apache controls, Frontpage extensions, raw access logs, search engine submission, pre-installed CGI scripts like secure FormMail and guestbooks, SSL management and much more.

Email You can contact us by email at any time either through the website or direct.
Forums Please feel free to signup to our forums where you can post your sales or support related questions.
Phone/Fax We can be contacted by phone at any time, details on the support or contact pages.
ICQ/MSN If you want to talk to us online, please use the ICQ number: 27516936 . If you have any sales related questions, please feel free to ask us on ICQ. If you are an MSN user, we are happy to talk to you at any time.

All this for $25.00 /month
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