10 GB web space
360 GB bandwidth per month
unlimited accounts
Unlimited POP emails
Unlimited sub domains
Unlimited cPanel accounts
PHP scripting and Unlimited mySQL databases
Web usage statistics
Password protected directories
eCommerce scripts
WHM management account
cPanel branding
$60.00 /month
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cPanel logo Fullsize cPanel and WHM Screenshot
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Main features
10 GB web space Massive amount of space giving you the capability of storing millions of photos, web pages, downloads, videos and more. You need a serious amount of space to hold any number of accounts.
360 GB bandwidth Massive allowance of data-transfer will cover all your reselling needs. If you still find yourself short, we can give you an low-cost quotation for even more bandwidth.
unlimited accounts There are no limits to the numbers of sites you can resell - you can earn as much money as accounts you can sell. There's no reason to deny yourself the income.

Unlimited POP emails We do not limit your emails - you or your clients can have as many POP, forwarding emails and auto-responders as desired. You also have access a number of advance email tools through your WHM panel.
Webmail You can choose from three different webmail services: NeoMail, Horde or SquirrelMail. Simply add "/webmail" on your domain URL to view your emails wherever you may be.

cPanel features
Unlimited sub domains Again, we do not limit your sub domain accounts. You can setup for your music collection and a sub domain to show your DVD collection. There are no limits, so enjoy!
cPanel This is where you manage your account, everything you want to with your account can be done here.
PHP scripting Let the server create dynamic web pages using your PHP code. PHP is one of the easiest programming languages to learn, see for yourself at We have quite a few excellent PHP scripts ready for use such as PHP-Nuke, PhpWiki, Advanced Guestbook and more
Unlimited mySQL databases Unlimited databases to last you forever. Unlimited numbers of forums, guestbooks, member areas, news scripts, e-commerce sites can be supported without ever requesting for additional databases.
Web usage statistics See everything about your site visitors with the graphical Webalizer site statistics. This feature is essential if you want to find out how to improve your search engine listings and your visitors' experience.
Custom error pages If a visitor goes to a place where they shouldn't or you haven't got around to placing a page there, simply create your own 404 error page. Don't lose people, send them back into the fold.
Password protected directories Secure your files against unwanted visitors by adding a username and password prompt to restricted areas. This features proves useful if you want a member's area on your website or upload some files for a friend to download.
Chat and bulletin board scripts Bring your website to life with its own community. With these scripts you can converse with other who share your interests or offer support for your products. Invision Board and phpBB bulletin boards give potential to any website by encouraging people to return on a regular basis.
eCommerce scripts We offer two free ecommerce packages with all our hosting services: osCommerce and Agora Shopping Cart. You'll find these scripts easy to setup, so you'll have your online store ready in no time.
...and more In addition to the features listed here, all accounts come with domain parking, multiple domain hosting, FTP management, online file management, account backup, SSH access (by request), page redirection, Cron jobs, MIME type controls, Apache controls, Frontpage extensions, raw access logs, search engine submission, pre-installed CGI scripts like secure FormMail and guestbooks, SSL management and much more.

WHM features
WHM Your Web Host Manager account will give your the power to add your new hosting accounts in one place. Here, you will be able to control any number of accounts, reselling your own packages at your price.
Account creation Whether on your WHM control panel or remotely, you can create any number of new accounts. We do not restrict your username lengths, domain types or customised packages.
Account functions View and modify bandwidth, web space on any of your accounts.You can quickly identify users approaching their boundaries and take necessary action on these. Some of the functions at your disposal are account upgrades, suspensions, terminations and password modifications.
Packages and features Within your WHM control panel, you can create your very own hosting packages and assign your selection of features to each. Packages help you manage new and existing accounts, upgrades and more without editing account individually.
DNS and email WHM offers advanced DNS managment for DNS zones, MX entries and domain pointing. You can also trace email accounts to identify problems along its route.
Addon Scripts Control your client's addon scripts and keep them updated with the latest software version.

Email You can contact us by email at any time either through the website or direct.
Forums Please feel free to signup to our forums where you can post your sales or support related questions.
Phone/Fax We can be contacted by phone at any time, details on the support or contact pages.
ICQ/MSN If you want to talk to us online, ICQ: 27516936 ICQ Support. If you have any sales related questions just ask us on ICQ or MSN.

All this for $60.00 /month
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